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When it comes to choosing household cleansers, opting for natural, effective ingredients is key. That's why we've chosen a selection of the best natural dish soap products in a variety of styles, fragrances, and concentrations to suit your household's needs. To help you choose the best products for your home, here's a brief guide to the various features to look for when selecting dish soap:

  • All Natural Ingredients

As with all types of home cleaning products, many brands rely on artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals to sterilize surfaces. Since these surfaces often include dishes and silverware, the ingredients of dish soap should be of great importance to thoughtful consumers. Opting for clean, fresh, healthy substances, such as the natural oils and food grade citric acid found in J.R. Watkins Liquid Dish Soap in Lemon, can create better peace of mind and a true sense of cleanliness.

  • Trusted Brands

We've curated our natural dish soap selection from the most trusted brands with the best reputations, including industry leaders Dr. Bronner's and J.R. Watkins. By shopping at Wishing U Well, you can rest assured that product sources reflect the highest standards of purity and quality.

  • Superior Results

Of course, one of the most important factors in choosing a dish soap is its effectiveness. J.R. Watkins Liquid Dish Soap in Lavender is formulated to offer a deep clean on even the toughest surface ingredients, and to give dishes a brilliant shine with soothing suds, a relaxing fragrance, and naturally detoxifying lavender.

  • Environmental Sustainability

To keep your dishes and your conscience clean, we recommend the versatile, effective, and eco-friendly Lavender Pure Castile Liquid Soap from Dr. Bronner's. Crafted with non-GMO lavender and lavandin oils, organic jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, citric acid, and more, this cleanser is gentle, potent, and ideally suited to a variety of cleaning tasks, including dishwashing, laundry, and even hair and body cleansing. Best yet, this cleanser is crafted from certified fairtrade and organic ingredients, is fully biodegradable, and is packaged in a 100% consumer-recycled bottle.

Putting Health First

Whether you're shopping for organic supplements or seeking out natural dish soap with safe, wholesome ingredients, Wishing U Well has the best selection of products to support your healthy, balanced lifestyle. For questions about our inventory or for help placing an order, give us a call at (877) 887-1319, or reach us via email at We look forward to providing you with the best items at the best prices (including free domestic shipping), and to helping you find the perfect wellness products for you and your family.