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For Your Pets

At Wishing U Well, we know how important it is to care for the ones you love, and that includes your pets. Here you'll find some of the best natural pet supplements available, designed to ensure that your pet lives a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. All of our pet supplements are crafted with the highest-quality natural ingredients to support an active lifestyle and optimal health.

Healing Products

Whether you're tasked with caring for large outdoor animals or small indoor house pets (or a combination of both), you know that minor injuries like scrapes and bug bites are inevitable. KeriCure Tough Seal Liquid Bandage for Pets provides fast, sensitive relief and swift healing, while acting as a water-based barrier against harmful germs. As a simple spray-on formula, this invaluable product can be used to address minor wounds, burns, lacerations, cuts, rashes, and much more. For larger animal patients, KeriCure Champion Seal Liquid Bandage for Horses can also help address abrasions and saddle burns, and helps keep animals from experiencing undue irritation with a non-toxic, 100% biocompatible and waterproof formula designed to heal even the toughest skin.

Nutritional Products

When it comes to nutrition, your pets rely on you to provide the foods they need to enjoy a healthy, active life. Fortunately, with a lineup of wholesome natural pet supplements featuring the highest quality ingredients, your pet can have the advantage of the best nutrition for the best possible results. For overall healthy pet care, we recommend Canine Matrix Healthy Pet, with 100% certified organic, non-GMO ingredients to support healthy immune function, enzyme balance, and cardiovascular and respiratory health. For pets with more specific concerns, we also carry Canine Matrix supplements for joint support, MRM recovery, anxiety relief, and healthy skin and fur.

Natural Wellness Products for the Whole Family

To ensure the wellness of your entire family, Wishing U Well offers an array of natural health products for adults, children, and even your beloved pets. We invite you to explore the extensive collection of products throughout our site, and to enjoy custom order tracking, hassle-free returns, and free domestic shipping on all products in our inventory. For questions about our selection of natural pet supplements, contact us anytime at or via phone at (877) 887-1319. We look forward to providing you and your family with the best natural products at the best prices on the web.