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Gabatrol - 90 Caps



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Fast Acting Treatment For Anxiety – Proven Results! Gabatrol is the only anxiety supplement on the market that gives you fast relief:

  • Decrease anxiety, stress and other negative feelings
  • Increase positive mood & mental focus
  • Help control emotional or stress related binge eating

You can feel the positive effects of Gabatrol in as little as 20-30 minutes. Any time of day you need to reduce anxiety, stress and negativity, it’s the safe, all natural way to feel relief. Doctor recommended Gabatrol is the most potent, fastest acting way for you to feel relief from the feelings of anxiety and stress.

Benefits of Gabatrol

  • Stress, Anxiety & Tension Relief within Minutes!*
  • Most users report feeling the effects in as little as 15-30 minutes. Especially on an empty stomach with a glass of your favorite beverage. Any time of day you need to reduce
  • stress, anxiety and tension, Gabatrol is the safe, all natural way to feel relief.
  • Uplifts Your Mood Making You Feel Positive!
  • Gabatrol features Kanna (sceletium) that has been used for centuries by people to reduce stress & depression. Not only does Gabatrol take away all the negative feelings, but it actually makes you feel great!
  • Alleviates Mild Depression and Mood Swings*
  • Many customers who have had depression of various types have stated that Gabatrol simply alleviates their depression and uplifts their mood!
  • Helps You Gain Better Clarity and Focus
  • Gabatrol takes away your negative feelings while uplifting your mood–this alone can help you focus and have clarity of mind. Gabatrol also enhances your clarity and focus as well.

Gabatrol is 100% safe

  • Gabatrol Has No Side Effects and is Non-Addictive!
  • Gabatrol is not a prescription drug like Xanax, Wellbutrin,  Zoloft and other SSRIs.
  • Gabatrol is healthy and safe, so you get fast relief without the worries you may find with prescription medications and their unwanted side effects. Unlike other products that may take weeks to work – Gabatrol works within minutes!
  • Ingredients in Gabatrol Regarded as Safe by FDA.

Clinically Proven Ingredients

The ingredients in Gabatrol have been extensively researched and documented with dozens of currently available studies. Most areas of research include reducing stress and anxiety, affecting mood disorders, regulating brain chemistry, promoting relaxation, improving cognition (learning and concentration, etc.)

After finding the appropriate dose, most people that take Gabatrol report feeling the effects in as little as 20-30 minutes. Any time of day you need to reduce stress and anxiety, Gabatrol is the safe, all natural way to feel stress and anxiety relief. Gabatrol is a 100% all natural product that effectively gives you relief from the feelings of STRESS and Anxiety and even the depression they lead to. Gabatrol has a balance of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) that can subtly affect brain chemistry in a positive way! The all natural ingredients contained in Gabatrol's proprietary formula is what separates us from other stress and anxiety products. Its unique active components have been designed to exact, proprietary, defined proportions to ensure optimal functioning to help the body resist stress, anxiety and depression.

Gabatrol optimizes brain function in several ways. One such way is via GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) - a naturally occurring amino acid found in food, but which is also a potent neurotransmitter in the brain. By enhancing GABA levels in the brain, Gabatrol promotes relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety. The problem with taking regular GABA is that it cannot easily cross into the brain via the Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB). However, a new form of GABA has a unique structure that allows it to cross the BBB and enhance GABA levels in the brain. Gabatrol has this new form of GABA!

Gabatrol also helps optimal brain chemistry by increasing the other "feel good" neurotransmitters like Serotonin and Dopamine. Just like ingredients in wine or chocolate work on brain (chocolate is famous for enhancing mood and as an aphrodisiac) Gabatrol does the same thing. In fact Gabatrol contains some of the same powerful ingredients found in chocolate. Both chocolate and Gabatrol affect brain neurotransmitters, except Gabatrol is much more potent! Best of all Gabatrol is all natural and healthy! This helps you relax and can help lower stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Elevated levels of these stress hormones can be very dangerous and can lead to many health problems. This is why stress is one of the most dangerous health risks you face. It is imperative that you control excess stress.

Gabatrol works to stabilize electrical impulses between brain cells (called neurons) which also enhances mental clarity and reduces stress and anxiety. Unlike stimulants like caffeine which can leave you jitter, Gabatrol helps your brain to work better without any stimulants. The naturally occurring ingredients in Gabatrol are healthy for your brain.

Gabatrol's ingredients incluse Sceletium Tortuosum, a powerful herb known to act fast in reducing stress and anxiety. Plus our newly discovered proprietary extraction process allows the full potency of the herb to work effectively in smaller amounts. The wisdom of the saying "Less is more" is what allows the special blend of ingredients in Gabatrol to work synergistically together. This gives you powerful results for increased calm and focus, while at the same time being safe, all natural and non-addictive!

Gabatrol offers you the best value for our exclusive ingredients. We integrate ONLY the highest quality 100% authentic ingredients in Gabatrol - because of the high quality of these ingredients and our unique manufacturing process, our product is fast becoming THE best all-natural stress and anxiety relief remedy available.

Gabatrol's ingredients have a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rating and have been extensively researched and documented with over 100 currently available studies. Most areas of research include reducing stress and anxiety, affecting mood disorders, regulating brain chemistry, promoting relaxation, improving learning and concentration, etc.

Phenyl-GABA (4-Amino-3-Phenyl-Butyrate or 4A3P):

Phenyl-GABA is a more potent form of GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric ACID). GABA is an amino-acid and a neurotransmitter. ONLY Phenyl-GABA is capable of passing the blood brain barrier in significant amounts. Phenyl-GABA is also called a nootropic or "smart nutrient" for its ability to improve neurological functions. It was discovered in Russia in the 1960's and has since been used there to treat a wide range of ailments including anxiety, PTSD, social phobia, and insomnia. It can also be effective for emotional or "binge" eating. It is safe and well tolerated having been extensively researched since the 1960's in a variety of studies. Only Gabatrol has this new form of Phenyl-GABA!1

L-Theanine (Theanine):

Theanine can elevate mood and enhance focus and concentration. An amino acid commonly found in tea, theanine can also cross the blood-brain barrier. Theanine has unique psychoactive properties because it can affect numerous biochemical pathways. Theanine has been shown to reduce mental and physical stress, and can produce feelings of relaxation. It may also improve cognition and mood. Theanine is speculated to produce these effects by increasing the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) production. Theanine also increases brain serotonin, dopamine, and has affinities for AMPA, Kainate and NMDA receptors. Theanine also promotes alpha wave production in the brain, which help people feel relaxed and positive.2

L-Tyrosine (4-hydroxyphenylalanine):

Tyrosine helps increase the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters like dopamine. The effect on mood is more noticeable in humans subjected to stressful conditions. A number of studies have found tyrosine to be useful during conditions of stress, cold, fatigue, prolonged work and sleep deprivation, with reductions in stress hormone levels, reductions in stress-induced weight loss seen in animal trials, improvements in cognitive and physical performance seen in human trials. Tyrosine also helps maintain healthy levels of thyroid hormones which regulates metabolism and fat burning.3

L-Glycine (AminoAcetic Acid or 2AAA):

Glycine helps to normalize electrical signals across neurons. As such it can enhance and optimize brain function.

It is a conditionally essential amino acid found abundantly in the body, particularly throughout the excitable tissues of the central nervous system, where it is thought to have a regulating influence. However, glycine is deficient in many diets and may not be sufficiently produced by the body in certain disease states. Its many function in the body include:

  1. Anti-oxidant: glycine is a cell membrane stabilizer and is known to protect against retinal toxicity and lipid peroxidation.
  2. Immunostimulant: glycine increases lymphocyte viability in a dose-dependant manner. glycine also activates natural-killer cells and stimulates the release of interleukin
  3. (IL-I) from macrophages.
  4. Detoxifying agent: glycine reacts with the carboxylic acid group of toxins to form amide linkages which are excreted through the kidneys.
  5. Neurologic disorders: through neuronal cell membrane stabilization glycine reduced seizures in an animal model of human epilepsy. Brain tissue samples show that over two-thirds of migraine/epileptic patients had reduced glycine levels.
  6. Cardiovascular: glycine is the most abundant and important amino-acid in the heart. It stimulates cAMP activity, and is used in Japan to treat congestive heart failure (2-4 g daily), arrhythmias, duiresis and hypertension. It also lowers the cardiovascular effects of oxidative stress associated with iron-overload.

Taurine (Aminoethanesulfonic Acid or Taurine):

Like Glycine, taurine is an amino acid with many positive health effects. It helps to optimize brain function by stabilizing electrical signals across neurons. It also helps increase nitric oxide levels in the body, and to enhance phase II detoxification. Recent reviews in the scientific literature have had titles like "[Taurine]- and inert amino acid comes alive" and "Taurine: a novel anti-inflammatory, immune-modulatory, and cyto-protective agent." As research into this conditionally-essential amino acid has progressed, the health impacts associated with the real limits of availability of Taurine - and the benefits of supplementation well above the levels readily available from the diet - have become increasingly clear. Taurine is emerging as a critical unsung hero of human nutrition for brain and body.5

Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna):

Sceletium tortuosum is a rare herb found in South Africa, which is also known as Kanna. The plant has been used by South African pastoralists and hunter-gatherers as a mood-altering substance from prehistoric times. It has been documented for its ability to reduce depression, increase tolerance to hunger and stress, and elevate mood for over 400 years.

It has also been used as an appetite suppressant by shepherds walking long distances in arid areas. In intoxicating doses it can cause euphoria, initially with stimulation and later with sedation. Users also report increased personal insight, interpersonal ease and a meditative, grounded feeling without any perceptual dulling. Others have noted enhanced tactile and sexual response.

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  1. A natural way to feel relaxed and not need to have a drink to calm down 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Apr 2014

    I have been taking 2 capsules 2 times daily. I was introduced to this product when I decided to quit drinking. It is great to have a few amino acids and the rest is history. Been sober 8 months and couting.

  2. Gabatrol 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Oct 2013

    Definitely works. I don't notice any side effects. I take this once or twice a week if its been a really bad week. It makes me feel better.

  3. looking for a natural way to help my anxiety 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2013

    I have been on Klonopin on & off for 10 years & gradually stopped taking them. I was in search for something else that would help my anxiety naturally. I read about Gabatrol & it sounded promising. I have to say, it did not relieve ANY symptoms! I am very disappointed & it was a waste of money!

  4. Good 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Sep 2013

    I usually take 3-4 of these when I've had a bad day... and it takes the edge right off. It takes my irritation away and helps me stress less!

  5. Really, truly works wonders 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th May 2013

    I used to be on prescription medication. Gabatrol works wonders. I feel much better about taking it (I take a low dosage--just one to two capsules a day). No side effects whatsoever. It really helps me!

  6. Best Price Online! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Mar 2013

    We love Wishing U Well and were super excited when they started to carry Gabatrol. Works great for stress. My husband and I use it regularly (I use two caps a day, he uses 3). You will find that you deal with difficult situations better. You really feel more focused and positive. It's great!
    Oh, and Wishing U Well is AWESOME! Thanks for the great service!

  7. Really Does Work 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Mar 2013

    Gabatrol caps are easy and convenient. I take 4-6 caps at a time (which are relatively small) and I notice the effects within 45 mins. It really does help with stress. I take them on an as-needed basis and love how well they work!!

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