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Jerky Snacks

When it comes to snack foods, there are lot of tempting ways to go wrong. Fortunately, there are also a number of delicious ways to go right. At the top of the list is natural beef jerky, which offers an incredible amount of protein, flavor, and nutrition. Indulge in healthy, convenient snacking with our selection of the best beef jerky, turkey jerky, and buffalo jerky snacks.

A Better Way to Snack

Whether you're looking for healthy snacks to sustain you between meals or an easy, delicious way to consume high-quality protein, our jerky snacks offer the ideal fix. We've partnered with Golden Valley to bring you the best natural and organic jerky snacks available. Here's just a sampling of what you can look forward to:

  • A clear forerunner among snack foods, natural turkey jerky, buffalo jerky, and beef jerky are high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates, providing lasting energy and a satisfying feeling of fullness throughout the day. To experience rich flavor with a simple, time-honored recipe, we recommend Golden Valley Organic Beef Jerky in Black Pepper, perfectly seasoned with organic black pepper, onion, paprika, apple cider vinegar, and natural smoke flavoring.
  • While refrigerating after opening can be an excellent way to help preserve freshness, jerky is designed to be shelf stable, making it one of the most convenient on-the-go snacks available (and considerably better than a bag of cookies or chips).
  • Unlike many products on the market, our selection of natural beef jerky is minimally processed and contains absolutely no artificial ingredients or harmful chemical additives, for a snack food that will make you feel great, and that you can feel great about. This standard holds true for all of our jerky snacks, including the succulent Golden Valley Natural Buffalo Jerky, which is deliciously free from nitrites, MSG, erythorbate, and preservatives, and undeniably high on pure, natural flavor.
  • For those who enjoy a little variety, we offer jerky snacks in a number of classic and adventurous flavors, including barbeque, black pepper, sweet and spicy, and teriyaki.

The Best Version of the Best Snacks

At Wishing U Well, we value the freedom that comes with a healthy, active lifestyle, and our selection of snacks is no exception. Our natural beef jerky comes from humanely treated livestock raised in the fresh air and on the lush pastures of Western American ranchland, and values the sustainability and virtue of respect for animals and the earth. For questions about our selection, contact us anytime at or (877) 887-1319. We’re proud to offer the best available selection of natural and organic beef jerky, turkey jerky, and buffalo jerky at an outstanding value, and look forward to helping you find the perfect snacks to support your health and happiness.