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Combining timeless scientific research with the best cutting-edge product innovations, protein is one of the most effective components for a fitness strategy emphasizing health, longevity, and maximum training results. While many nutrition and supplement companies focus their efforts on dubious health fads and questionable trends, we pride ourselves on offering trustworthy, high quality supplements on which science, nature, and your body can all agree. At Wishing U Well, you'll find the best natural protein powder at deeply discounted prices, backed up with friendly, knowledgeable service. To help make your quest for the right protein supplement even more enjoyable, here's a quick guide to the benefits of protein, a sampling of protein products, and a guide to accessing further information.

Benefits of Protein

  • Essential for life, protein is a key macronutrient, necessary for health even at the cellular level. Incorporating a natural protein powder into your diet can be an excellent way to ensure sufficient protein intake.
  • Protein is vital to sustaining healthy, lean muscle. As a key component of muscle production, protein is also associated with overall fat reduction.
  • Supplemental protein intake is associated with improved brain function.
  • For individuals hoping to lose weight, protein is a crucial component of a calorie-restricted diet. Protein has been shown to reduce hunger, increase the efficacy of workouts, and promote healthy weight loss at every step of the process.

Types of Protein Supplements

  • Of course, the best natural protein powder supplements are free from unnecessary and potentially harmful chemical additives. A terrific example is Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Cake Donut. This delicious powder packs 24 grams of protein into each serving, offering that premium performance at a fraction of the price you will find elsewhere, and the decadent flavor is just, well, icing on the cake. For those who prefer to stick to the basics, we proudly offer BioChem 100% Whey Protein in natural flavor, which is perfect for adding to your favorite smoothie.
  • If the word "protein" makes you think of bodybuilders demolishing entire slabs of beef and whole chickens, think again. For individuals seeking an incredible protein without dairy-based whey, Garden of Life offers the ideal solution. Organically derived from pea seed, flax seed, cranberry seed, chia seed and pumpkin seed, these 100% vegan and natural protein supplements rival even the purest whey proteins. Try the irresistible RAW Chocolate and Coffee flavors.
  • More slowly digested than whey protein, casein supplements are perfect before bed or during long periods between meals. A terrific example is provided by 100% Gold Standard Casein in Cookies & Cream. And yes, in case you were wondering, it is as delicious as it is nutritious.

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At Wishing U Well, we want to make sure that our customers have all the information they need to choose the best natural protein powder for their unique lifestyle and goals. We encourage you to contact us at (877) 887-1319, or via email at We offer free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every purchase, along with significant discounts on our entire inventory. We're also active on Facebook and Twitter, where we frequently post tips, news, and updates about our products.