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What are superfoods? Essentially, the term “superfood” is used to describe any food that is exceptionally rich in vitamins and nutrients. Superfoods vary significantly in type and nutritional content, and range from common foods such as broccoli and blueberries to more exotic foods like acai and kamut. At Wishing U Well, we carry a variety of natural and organic superfood supplements to promote a healthy overall diet and a balanced lifestyle.

Superfoods are prized especially for their concentration of nutrients. This means that a little can go a long way toward supplementing your nutritional regimen. The advantages of incorporating superfoods into your diet are championed by nutritionists, wellness enthusiasts, and healthy lifestyle experts alike. Here are just a few of the major types of superfoods, and a brief guide to what makes them so healthy:

  • Kale is a superfood that has become popular in recent years, largely due to its high level of antioxidants. It is also rich in calcium, iron, and fiber. To enjoy the benefits of organic kale, along with organic amaranth sprout, celery, ginger, flax seed, cucumber, and much more, we recommend Garden of Life Perfect Food RAW Organic Green Super Food.
  • Green Tea is another antioxidant-rich superfood, often consumed to promote heart health (and for a delicious boost of energizing caffeine).
  • Acai is one of our favorite organic superfood supplements, and you won't find a better version than Buried Treasure Acai Complete. Crafted with organic pomegranate and Himalayan goji berries, this liquid nutritional supplement supports natural energy, vitality, and rejuvenation.
  • Salmon is considered a superfood in part due to its high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, valued for their connection to heart and brain health.
  • Cranberry offers leading superfood benefits for promoting overall health. Up your intake of this potent ingredient - along with organic acacia, apple peel, baobob fruit, and orange peel with Dr. Formulated Probiotics Organic Fiber from Garden of Life.
  • Almonds are prized for their nutritional density, featuring healthy doses of Vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, iron, and more. You can find almonds (along with other nutrient-dense nuts) in many of the meal replacement and protein bars on our site.

Whatever your nutritional goals, superfoods can help you pursue and enjoy the healthy lifestyle you desire. In addition to providing an array of nutritional benefits, organic superfood supplements make it easier than ever to get the nutrition you need in a simple, healthful, and cost-effective format.

At Wishing U Well, we're dedicated to providing the best superfood supplements available. Explore our collection of extracts, oils, tablets, powders and nutrition bars designed to promote your health and ensure your lasting wellness. For questions about our selection, feel free to reach us at (877) 887-1319 or via email at Our friendly customer service team looks forward to assisting you in finding the perfect supplements to meet your needs, and to providing free shipping, customer satisfaction, and discounted prices on our entire inventory. Discover the power of superfoods for your lifestyle today.