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Home WishingUWell Partner Home DECREASED DAMAGE RATES: Utilizing our logistical experts, WUW decreased product damaged rate by nearly 5.7%. PRIME ELIGIBILITY: Originally, only 22% of product listings were Prime eligible, now 100% of products are Prime eligible. Home IMPROVED BEST-SELLING PRODUCT: Increased sales for best-selling product from $4K a month to over $20K a month in 1 year. INCREASED OVERALL SALES: Overall sales went from $47,589 a month to $307,912 a month in 12 months. Contact Us Home WishingUWell Partner Home INCREASE CONVERSION: After implementing our optimization services, conversion rates went from 14.8% on average to 35.4% on average. SIMPLIFIED LOGISTICS: Initially shipped products to multiple distribution centers, but then switched to our one location in Colorado Springs, CO. Simplifying logistics. Home INCREASED SALES: Sales in February 2017 were $18,668 increasing to $41,805 in February 2019. GREW AMAZON CATALOG: WishingUWell identified new opportunities for growth and created 12 new multipacks, which are built and shipped in our warehouse. Contact Us Home WishingUWell Partner Home INCREASED SALES: Four new variety packs were created and identified by WishingUWell, which now accounts for 67% of the total brand sales on Amazon. SET ALL-TIME SALES RECORD: WishingUWell set an all-time sales record in one month of $101,321 for the brand. Home REDUCED LOSSES: Reduced losses from damaged inventory and expired units by over 83% within 3 months of partnership. INCREASED PROFITS: By outsourcing all Amazon management with WishingUWell, the brand increased their profits by 26% overall. Contact Us Home WishingUWell Partner Home INCREASED ANNUAL SALES: Direct-to-Amazon sales resulted in $93,452 annually; after partnering with WishingUWell, brand’s annual sales increased to $995,724 annually. SIMPLIFIED LOGISTICS: By allowing WishingUWell to package and ship all 18 multipacks, the brand saves $2.45 per unit on average in labor and material costs. Home DECREASED REFUND RATE: Total refund rates went down from 7.4% on average to 2.1% due to fewer damaged products in transit. Contact Us Home WishingUWell Partner Home PRIME ELIGIBILITY: Originally, none of their product listings were Prime eligible. After our partnership, 100% were eligible—fostering more growth. MORE EXPOSURE: Within 3 months, WishingUWell grew the brand’s Amazon catalog from 3 listings to 15 listings. Home INCREASED SALES: February 2017 sales were $1,208 increasing to $10,772 in February 2019. INCREASE CONVERSION: After implementing our optimization services including a new brand store, conversion rates grew from 12% to 43% on average. Contact Us Home WishingUWell Partner Home GREW AMAZON CATALOG: Nearly doubled product listings from 26 to 47 in a 2-year timeframe by identifying new opportunities including multipacks and variety packs. INCREASED SALES: January 2017 sales were $16,568 increasing to $84,706 in January 2019. Home Contact Us

Home All Your Amazon Needs Covered With skilled teams, expert consultants, & personalized strategies, we've got what it takes to help you succeed on Amazon. Services Home Amazon Logistics Simplified Make it easy to get products from your warehouse to the end consumer safely! Amazon Logistics Home Take Your Amazon Presence to the Next Level Accelerate your sales on Amazon through expert and proven strategies. Amazon Marketing Home We Identify, Diagnose, and Solve your Amazon issues We keep up-to-date on Amazons' ever-changing policies so you don't have to. Contact Us Home 8 Years of Success We've sold over 7 million units and helped over 1,000 brands. Brand Showcase Home Work Hard, Play Hard Our company culture facilitates a healthy dose of both—and we're more successful for it! Careers Home 100% Commitment to Excellence We offer cost-effective services with fast turnaround that can only be done with our in-house talent. Brand Showcase