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All Inclusive Amazon Management

What more would you do if you had less to worry about?

You have to protect your business, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Our brand advocates will build your Amazon business without compromising your core values. Through effective collaboration, proper management and strong brand advocacy, we’ll maximize growth and give you more worry-free time.


    This is the foundation; this is what is needed before any real success can be built. Worried about commoditization of your products and your brand? We can help enforce your MAP, consolidate all duplicate listings, and ensure all Amazon content is your own. We do this with a team of experts who will act as your advocates and ensure the consumer sees what you want them to.


    Limit cost, regain time. If you have ever thought about constructing custom bundles and kits on demand, now you can. WishingUWell can create bespoke experiences for your new and repeat customers, without breaking the bank or worrying about jumping through any of the Amazon hoops.


    Our goal for your brand is simple: consumers should be able to discover your brand on Amazon and make their first purchase in the same visit. We achieve this goal with enhanced, robust content. Each of your listings will be optimized to increase traffic and conversion while elevating overall brand awareness. In addition, we can create a custom brand page which becomes a virtual store within a store. If you want to maximize your presence on Amazon, our content experts will get you there.


    Ad campaigns, Social Media, Subscriptions and Coupons are just a few ways we can help promote your brand. With WishingUWell creativity opens the door to new business opportunities. We can customize inserts, create interactive email campaigns, and leverage your brand’s reach to launch new products. Our teams will collaborate to ensure a healthy ROI, without cheapening your brand.


    If you are like us you’re probably thinking “this all sounds great but how do I know it’s really working?”  Comprehensive reporting, that’s how. The reporting team at WishingUWell prides itself on transparency and we do this by providing in-depth insight on every level of your Amazon business. Trends, historical data, and competitor analysis. We will help you reach a new level of insight.

We’re not only consultants, helping you with all-things Amazon, we are a 3rd Party seller that actually buys your product. We have skin in the game so we need to perform. We don’t just know what should be done, we do it.

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