Exercising control over your brand on Amazon is crucial—have your product line seen the way you intended it to be seen on Amazon with our tailor-made plans to protect your brand.


Our brand specialists help protect your brand on Amazon! We give you step-by-step instructions on how to register your brand with Amazon’s Brand Registry to prevent future violations.


We track sellers who violate MAP and/or FBA. Providing you with detailed reporting on all current violators. Find out the health of any given listing and your brand as a whole on the Amazon Marketplace through WishingUWell reporting.

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Listings on Amazon can change at any time, but our monthly audits identify those changes! Have peace of mind in knowing that your intellectual property is being accurately represented on Amazon. This will avoid customer dissatisfaction and prevent fraudulent activity.

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Have you ever noticed how many duplicate listings for the same products there are on the Amazon platform? We have! Our catalog management team will actively work to find duplicate listings on Amazon that could diminish the customer experience, create consumer confusion, and sabotage your sales.

By merging or removing duplicates, we ensure only optimized listings are displayed and your brand presence remains consistent across platforms.

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