Amazon Inventory Management

WishingUWell is aware that the success of an Amazon seller depends on the extent of their understanding of the intricacies Amazon’s online marketplace. Exercising control over your Amazon inventory is crucial in charting the course of your online business.

It is a common occurrence in Amazon’s marketplace that products with great value end up as simple commodities in the eyes of consumers. This unfortunate process is referred to as the commoditization of goods, which brings to waste all your efforts in building a reputable brand for your products. Commoditization weakens the pricing power of a brand, as the consumers tend to buy what they perceive to be the cheapest item in a group of similar products.

How does this happen? There are instances reckless resellers do not adhere to minimum advertised price (MAP) requirements. MAP is the minimum price that online retailers are allowed to advertise specific product for. A manufacturer may set a MAP price of $25 for a particular best selling item. All resellers are then required to advertise and sell this particular product at $25 or more. To advertise the same item for anything lower than $25 would be a violation of the agreement entered into by the resellers and the manufacturer. The result could render a proprietary product to suddenly lose its economic value and be considered a generic product.

WishingUWell helps Amazon retailers enforce MAP agreements to keep your best seller as a reputable product for years to come. Our team of Amazon inventory managers continually monitor your products for violators of your MAP agreements. We will act as your advocate to ensure that your target consumers will see your products as you would want them to.