Logistics can be one of the biggest headaches for an Amazon seller. Save your company resources, time, and energy with our built-in efficiencies.


We take special care of your products at our warehouse facility to ensure that they all arrive at Amazon safely—and to ensure quick Prime-eligible shipment. We’re all about streamlining the process for you and even for Amazon. We double-check expiration dates, separate all products to ensure there aren’t any damages, and even monitor your products with shipment tracking. Just because it leaves our facility doesn’t mean our work is done. We follow it all the way to Amazon!

Our warehouse team processes all units we sell on Amazon at our facility in Colorado Springs, CO. You ship to one location and we ship to Amazon fulfillment centers nationwide.


We build multipacks, variety packs, kits, and bundles—and can identify new opportunities like this for you! We also have the flexibility and know-how to get creative with custom packaging and marketing inserts. Our warehouse team preps every unit for safe arrival into your customer’s hands.

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Our warehouse team handles the most difficult and demanding logistical requirements. From complex assortments and variety packs to liquids, fragile, oversized, and heavy items. We can also implement custom branded packaging to enhance the customer experience.

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Our hazmat specialists have access to specialized Amazon distribution centers that are equipped to handle items deemed hazardous a.k.a. “hazmat.”

Hazmat products can range from aerosol products to items containing alcohol such as herbal tinctures. We handle it all!

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Save your company resources and open up new sales opportunities while avoiding the headaches—simplify your inventory operations today!