Amazon Inventory Management & Channel Logistics

Logistics is one of the biggest headaches of an Amazon seller. At WishingUWell, we help Amazon sellers simplify their inventory operations to better understand all-in costs to avoid the mistake of lowering prices to unprofitable levels.

An online retailer’s success with Amazon can hinge on the ability to win the buy box and maximize profit margins. For example, kit building is a great tactic to achieve this goal. It allows an Amazon seller to customize their own bundles of goods to sell, which means that the same seller will own 100% of the buy box. This will put the seller at a distinct advantage because prices are not subject to competitive comparison, giving them the flexibility in setting the right product price to maximize profit margins. However, the methodology of bundling the right kit and keeping track of parts within it can be a cumbersome inventory management task. This is where our Amazon inventory management experts help. With WishingUWell you don’t have to deal with Amazon again. We purchase your inventory and ship it to us. One distribution center, not all over the country. We save you time and money.

WishingUWell can help your business grow by creating a great shopping experience for your new and repeat customers while streamlining logistics and overall inventory management. WishingUWell is not just a team of consultants. We are your all inclusive Amazon management solution.