Here’s why: 

  1. Most of the learning that happens in a child is through visual stimulation. About 80 percent of a child’s capacity to learn is with visual aids, visual writing, etc. Good vision is essential when school starts.
  2. A regular checkup will help address any early vision issues or get your child on a pair of glasses, if needed.
  3. Unresolved vision issues often translate into behavioral issues or learning disabilities. Early diagnosis of vision issues will keep your student on the right track to maximize learning.


Tips to keep your child on the right path of caring for their eyesight. 

  1. When going out under the sun, have your child wear sunglasses that limit their eyes exposure to harmful UVB.
  2. When children use a computer, make sure that it is positioned in a way that reduced glare from windows or lights. This will minimize eyestrain.
  3. Visit an ophthalmologist at least annually. Young children aren’t the only ones to benefit from proper eye health. Make the most of your eye health, too, by using back to school as a reminder to get your own vision checkups. Want to go the extra mile in supporting your eye health? Consider eye supplements from Wishing U Well.