The Amazon Brand Registry is one of many Amazon brand management strategies that anyone selling on Amazon should be familiar with. The Amazon Brand Registry was launched by the marketplace to give brands better control over their products and listings. This platform gives Amazon sellers the opportunity to manage and add branded products on the marketplace while also minimizing the number of imitations of their products.

Amazon Brand Registry can help increase a seller’s standing and brand control by establishing authority in the marketplace. However, it does not guarantee that your brand will have complete control over the listing for the products.

The perks of Amazon Brand Registry include the following:

  • It gives accurate brand representation — You get greater influence and control over your brand’s product listing on Amazon once you get enrolled.
  • Powerful search tools — Enrollment on Amazon Brand Registry allows you to easily access content across Amazon, which allows you to report suspected violations. You can search for products using images, keywords, or a list of ASINs in bulk.
  • Proactive brand protection — Amazon uses automated protections to proactively remove suspected infringements when inaccurate content is detected.

The ever-growing number of fraudulent competitors made Amazon launch Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 in 2017. Brand Registry 2.0 allows you to notify Amazon about fraudulent products you find that are affecting your brand, which they can then remove from the marketplace.

Enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 will unlock unique access to powerful tools and increase your authority over product listings with your brand name. Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 has the following new features:

  • Makes it easier to identify offenders — Sellers now can search for any violation of their brands, allowing them to easily identify the violators.
  • Provides more support for registered brands — It allows sellers to report violations of Amazon policies. Once a complaint is made, Amazon launches an investigation and works to find a solution within hours.
  • Implements greater protection for registered brands — A seller receives support once they decide to file a copyright or trademark violation.

When it comes to your business, protecting your brand and product should be a priority. Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 makes life easier for those selling branded products by providing the necessary protections and support to catch and reprimand fraudulent sellers.