Selling on Amazon is a great way to turn a profit, but to be successful, you need to do it the right way. As Amazon’s policies have changed and developed over the years, so have the written and unwritten rules for selling on the platform. When you build your Amazon brand management strategy, make sure you keep in mind the major dos and don’ts for selling, so you can avoid any fatal mistakes.


  1. Register on Amazon early.
  2. List products promptly.
  3. Sign up with Fulfillment by Amazon to make shipping your products easier.
  4. Pick cheap and lightweight products.
  5. Be honest about your product’s condition.
  6. Use keywords to optimize your listing.
  7. Meet Amazon’s processing and shipping timelines.
  8. Check-in and monitor your sales.
  9. Make more sales by selling under a private label.
  10. Track your competitors.
  11. Keep track of your reviews and ratings.
  12. Reach out to customers who leave negative reviews to ask them what issues they encountered.
  13. Own up to your mistakes, and issue refunds when you need to.


  1. Don’t violate any rules or policies set up by Amazon.
  2. Don’t provide fake documents (identity, etc.) to Amazon. This could lead to your business being shut down, and even a lawsuit.
  3. Don’t start out with one product. Begin with at least 10 products.
  4. Don’t stick with the same products. You can sell within a niche, but make sure you have a variety of items your target audience might be interested in.
  5. Don’t sell products that are already sold by many businesses. Find a way to make your offerings more unique.
  6. Don’t sell heavy items, as shipping will be too expensive to turn a good profit.
  7. Don’t use .com, .biz, .org and others in your business name.
  8. Don’t sell restricted items, unless you get permission to do so from Amazon.
  9. Don’t be scared of branded competition.
  10. Don’t sell your Amazon products elsewhere. Doing so could violate Amazon’s policies.
  11. Don’t forget the out-of-stock status of your product when you run out of inventory.
  12. Don’t ignore issues with your customers. Amazon will notice and take action.
  13. Don’t stop caring about your customers. They are the life of your business.

Keeping these dos and don’ts in mind while you build your business in Amazon’s marketplace will ensure that you stay up-to-date with current policies, which will give you an edge when dealing with Amazon and your customers.

Selling on Amazon is one of the emerging ways of doing business due to the website’s accessibility and reach. Registering your business early and listing your products promptly are just two things to do to get that business up and running online. Find out more in this infographic the dos and don’ts of selling on Amazon.

Dos and Don'ts of Amazon Selling