January is National Thank You Month, and a prime opportunity for individuals and businesses to express their thanks to others. Expressing thanks is not just a great habit that makes the world a better place, it also helps make us better people. Scientific studies have proven that expressing thanks improves our physical and mental health. If you own a company, showing gratitude to your customers can also improve business.

Revive the humble thank you note

One of the best ways to express thanks to customers is to write a thank you note, a practice that has been left by the wayside in this digital age. There’s something truly thrilling about receiving a personalized thank you note via snail mail. If you really want to knock your customers’ socks off, write them a note greeting them by name and expressing thanks for their patronage. Be personal and specific about why you are sending the note.

Make sure to choose your medium for the note carefully. Don’t just grab any piece of paper. You can use a personalized note of thanks or stationery.

There’s an app for that

If you find yourself needing to send hundreds or even thousands of cards, it may not be physically possible for you to handwrite all of your notes. Luckily, there are a number of thank you note apps and websites, however, that will prepare the notes for you.

This January, show your thanks to those that support you. From all of us at WishingUWell, thank you.