One of the most important things that distinguishes a successful online seller from an unsuccessful one is the trust established between the customers and sellers. Trust is essential to online sellers. If your customers feel like they can rely on you and your services, they will provide positive feedback and reviews, which help create legitimacy and authority for the seller.

Feedback and reviews aren’t just crucial for regular online sellers. They are also essential for Amazon sellers. Receiving positive feedback and reviews can lead to a higher search ranking for products and services, which will then help improve your business’s visibility on the website.

Communicating with customers is very important when selling on Amazon. Many sellers underestimate the power of receiving and responding to feedback from customers. It can help you learn how you should improve your services and also allows your customers to air their frustrations through proper channels. It can also help you know what aspects of your products and services are working well and what you should continue to do in the future.

One mistake many Amazon sellers make is waiting for reviews before soliciting feedback. However, it’s essential that you’re doing your part to determine what you can do better. By reaching out to every customer who purchases from your store to ask how you can improve, you will display initiative and a willingness to do your best. Doing this is known as after-sales service and is a branding tool that communicates with your customers that you value their business and want to make their customer experience as satisfactory as possible.

Here are some of the advantages of seeking out feedback from customers:

You learn what customers really want — Most sellers believe they are providing the best services possible. However, customers may have a different view of the situation. Seeking out feedback from customers can expose deficiencies that you can correct.

You can build relationships — Asking, receiving, and addressing feedback from your customers is a very effective way to perform relationship marketing tasks. If you make changes based on their input and let them know that their opinions are valuable, your customers will trust you and be more likely to become loyal to your brand.

You can detect problems early — The worst problem to have is not to know that you actually have one. Sometimes the only way to know that there’s a problem with your services is for someone else to tell you. Through receiving feedback from customers, you can get an idea of things that need adjusting before problems get out of hand.

No matter what kind of feedback you get from customers, it’s important to continuously encourage them to provide as much input as possible. Through communicating with customers regularly, you aren’t just improving your business but building critical bridges with your target audience.


When a person buys online, their decision to purchase is often attributed to positive feedbacks from previous clients. This boosts the image of the business and eventually increases the sales. However, there are some online sellers who hesitate to allow feedback or reviews. You might be convinced by the positive effects of Feedback and Reviews as stated in this infographic.

The Importance of Feedback and Reviews