Amazon FBA sellers should take advantage of online tools to streamline their businesses. There are plenty of useful tools to choose from, but some are pricey. For those who are just starting out as an Amazon seller and have a modest budget to work with, there are some free online tools that are definitely worth checking out. Here are a few of industry favorites:


Available at the Chrome Store as a free app, this product provides Amazon sellers with faster product searches that make your product research quick and easy. It also allows users access to product ASIN numbers and descriptions on Amazon. It can widen your scope by providing listing information from other websites that may be selling the same products.


Inventory Lab helps with Amazon inventory management to list your products, and includes a variety of features. Not only does it provide itemized labels that you can print whenever add new items to your inventory, but it also helps you track the SKU for each item to determine how much money each product is bringing in. Additionally, InventoryLab makes looking at numbers easy by providing you with reports on profit, loss, refunds, and reimbursements.

Scoutify/Scoutify 2

This scanning app comes bundled with an Inventory Lab subscription. It allows you to keep a history of the items you have scanned. Scoutify is a useful in-store sourcing tool to help you determine what kind of prices products are selling for on Amazon and sales ranks to help you determine how profitable buying the item would be.

InventoryLab now has a new version of Scoutify (Scoutify 2) which has new features that make buying products even easier. One feature helps determine your target buy cost which tells you what you should pay for a product in order to make your desired ROI. Another feature tells you if an item is restricted for sale on Amazon and why, to help you determine whether you should even buy the item. Both versions of the app are still available, but these features and more may make the newer version worth checking out.


This tool offers a wealth of information for Amazon FBA sellers. Once you register for the program, you’ll get free access to its features. Users can receive alerts about price drops and look at informative Amazon history charts, but the the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out the “Tools” section which includes free downloads and add-ons, top price drops, and a guide to popular products.


A basic toolbox for browser extensions that offers a price tracker for Amazon. Users can also look at the “Deals” section of the website to see what’s items are popular or have recently experienced a price drop.

Using these tools can help make your life as a turnkey Amazon seller easier, which means you can spend more time focusing on the other aspects of your business and personal life as well.