Our experts can help you navigate Amazon’s challenges—we identify, diagnose, and solve Amazon issues daily.


We can assist you with every aspect of your Amazon account. If you need something done, you can’t always get the help you need directly from Amazon. Below are just a few examples of how we can help you master the Amazon Marketplace.

Performance notifications come in all shapes and sizes ranging from expiration date issues to customer complaints or from restricted ingredients to defective products. Each one requires different steps to successfully resolve the issue. If not handled properly, it could result in your seller account being suspended from Amazon. Don’t run the risk, let WishingUWell handle it!

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Amazon’s stranded inventory feature lets you know which of your Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) products do not have an active offer on their website.

Inventory can become stranded for a variety of reasons, but WishingUWell checks daily to ensure that all offers are active and visible for your customers. We take action when necessary and think outside-the-box to solve all problems.

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Amazon makes mistakes—we all do—but WishingUWell can help safeguard your investment through various reimbursement opportunities.

It’s inevitable that Amazon will make mistakes that cost you money. The sheer amount of sales that they make daily creates room for error. Unless you are meticulous in monitoring your account, things can fall through the cracks. With the help of our Amazon experts, we will monitor that for you! Identifying and advocating for your refunds, reimbursements, and more.


Customer refunds are inevitable, but losing out on the entire product cost is not.

When Amazon refunds your customer and fails to have the refunded product returned, our process can help recover a significant percentage of the losses.

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When utilizing Amazon’s fulfillment centers to store and ship your inventory, units can be damaged, lost, or disposed.

Automatic reimbursed should occur, but doesn’t always. We have worked hard to develop a process for reconciling discrepancies that would mitigate any losses incurred through FBA.

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Reconciling inbound FBA shipment discrepancies is the single biggest reimbursement opportunity—or potential loss—for any company using Fulfillment By Amazon.

Your inventory isn’t always received in the exact condition and quantity in which it left your warehouse, but we locate those discrepancies and turn them from losses back into capital. Let us help you improve your bottom line.

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